Vision Statement:

To build bridges around the world through the power of media and film

Mission Statement:

To transcend boundaries every day

We’re a North-American and Europe based production company.

We made it our purpose to encourage and invest in worldwide co-productions and talents.

We create, organize, develop, produce, market and distribute film, music, similar media and events all across the globe.

We’re constantly searching for talented and engaged talents and projects to entertain and connect people all over the world.

We operate across geographical boarders to act as what we are – one connected planet.

I challenge you to help others. If everybody shows kindness on his/her birthday we’ll have 7.5 billion kind gestures a year. On my birthday I decided: instead of treating myself I’ll help others and will continue so on other occasions.

“Experiencing true happiness, is not when you receive, it is when you give.”

Bobby Emprechtinger