An unknowing couple wants to spend their honeymoon in a hotel taken over by aliens and have to escape before it’s too late.

The couple Cathy and Jonathan are on their honeymoon trip in Europe. On the way from Amsterdam to Norway they want to spend a few nights in a secluded hotel in Germany. On their trip to the hotel strange things start to happen but after a few stresses and strains they finally arrive at the hotel.

The hotel chef Mr. Morten, his partner Greg and a weird porter seem to be the only worker in this hotel. They treat every new guest extremely courteous. The winning rate in the house casino is unusually high. Drinks are incredibly cheap. Everything’s done to keep the guests as happy as possible. But that’s only a facade…

After a while one guest after another disappears. Jonathan notices strange things going on at night. He witnesses how some guests return completely different after using the elevator. Jonathan gets more and more curious and befriends himself with private detective, John Crown. Crown is undercover at this hotel and seems to be the only one that knows more about what’s really going on there.

When Jonathan‘s wife Cathy also disappears, he turns to Crown in despair. He shows Jonathan a hidden floor under the hotel. They figure out the devilish hotel chief Morten and his partners take out the brains of the guests and turn them into robots to prepare an Alien invasion. The hotel is a trap! Jonathan, Crown and some other guests want to escape and get help but it’s too late already. The small place is already completely under the control of the aliens.

The hotel owners sealed the hotel. No one gets in or out. All the phone lines are cut. For the remaining hotel guests a fight to the death begins. They have to not only fight the aliens, but also some of their former beloved ones who have already been transformed into robots.

Action / Sci-Fi / Horror | 2020

Country: USA Germany
Language: English/German
Release Date: 2020

Autor: Dirk Rades
Regisseur: Bobby Emprechtinger
Cast: Eric Roberts, Vincent De Paul, Armando Garza, Simon Werner,

Comment by the Author

This movie offers deep dialogues and rough characters played by famous actors like Eric Roberts, Vincent de Paul and many more to be announced.

Exciting hunting scenes arranged in a wonderful landscape. Evil, humanlike robots chasing the guest through seemingly endless hotel corridors & ending up in wild gunfights and fighting scenes. A crazy hotel boss as the villain & a surprising hero make this story extremely thrilling. The story has many unexpected twists no viewer will ever be prepared for.

Our vision is to go back to traditional (analog) effects to give the movie a more authentic atmosphere.

It’s a great honor for me to get this chance to work with those fantastic actors and the wonderful director Bobby Emprechtinger. If you like authentic action cinema of the 70-90´s, you will love „The Night“!

Comment by Illuminar Motion Pictures:

The Night is a film we’re both passionate and eager to work on. We have such incredible talent working on this team such as Eric Roberts, Vincent De Paul, and many more to be announced.

The blend of both special effects and practical acting is another element that will help elevate this movie further and make it fantastic and unique. Also, being able to film in such diverse locations such as Los Angeles, Amsterdam, and Germany will create the perfect backdrop for The Night.

Of course all of this is only possible thanks to the well written and riveting story that we are telling. With all of these components together, along with being able to work together with seasoned Hollywood and European actors we can create a film that is enjoyable to work on and exciting for audiences.