When a suicidal man finds a blind girl lost and wandering the streets of LA, he is torn between getting her home safely and keeping his appointment with death.

Stephen was a successful cardiologist, faithful husband, and loving father, until a tragic event cost him everything he held dear. Exactly one year from the tragedy Stephen has created a sentimental tour of the City of Angels, as a tribute to those he lost. His final stop on the tour will be back at his home, where he plans on taking his own life.

During his journey he has a chance encounter with a blind girl, Maria, who has gotten lost in the city. Unable to find her guardians he reluctantly brings her with him. Along the way she effortlessly begins opening his eyes to the boundless beauty of the world and that his life still has value. Their journey is wrought with many obstacles.

As they get closer to their final destination, Stephen’s frozen heart becomes thawed by Maria’s warm charisma. Her positive perspective forces Stephen to confront his inner demons and the decision to end his life. Bringing him face to face with the questioning of whether their encounter was mere

| Comedy | 2018 (USA)

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 2018 (USA)
Filming Locations: USA

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William McNamara Stephen
Cindy Pickett Sister Monica
Jamison Newlander Bus Driver
Destiny Austin Tiffany
Micah Fitzgerald Dark Figured Man
Sofya Skya Erin
Lee Kholafai Officer Langham
Greg Duncan Actor, husband
Ali Zamani Gangster
Rigo Obezo Cop
Cristian Fagins Christian Archuleta
Will C. William
Steve Turner The Crackhead
William Legue Amano the Cashier
Nadja Sofi Lisa
Gregory Kaplan Anesthesiologist
Joan Benedict Steiger Bird Lady
Mikul Robins Drunk #2
Jonathan Peacy Bus ride brawler
Sid Burston Crazy Man
Christine Kent Bus Rider
Leonel Claude Library Patron
Cyrus Zoghi Homeless man
Leila Ciancaglini Jennifer
Nancy Yalley Park Lady
Braxton Davis Drunk
Marjo-Riikka Makela Nurse Margo
Linda Weinrib Waitress
Roberto ‘Lil Rob’ Flores Gangster
Mehmet Edip Nurse
Eddie J. Rangel Bank Customer
Julia Rae Angie (as Ellison Julia)
Dorinda Townsend Lady on Bus
Angela Ware Lady in red on bus
Franklin Ruehl Moviegoer
Tina Redmond Bus Rider
Sara Terho Bank customer
Ryan Ray Coffee Patron
Teri London Waitress
Jen Yim Library Patron
Jhana Parits Woman in car accident
Tricia Mary Young Student
Kaisli Kaden Librarian
Marisa Lopez Mrs. Archuleta
Dishion Buckner African American Man
Camille Curtis Bus Stop Girl
Jyothi Venkatesh Bus rider
Don DiPaolo Mr. Archuleta
Logan Frasier Bank Manager
Rorion Arjuna Dark Figured Bus Rider
Maynard Dean Wade Bus Rider #1
Kaylynn Kubeldis Maria
Dwight Augustin Library Patron

Produced by:

Scott Carlson executive producer
Levon Davis producer
Bobby Emprechtinger co-producer
Justin Jones co-producer
Arun Kapoor executive producer
Naz Tliachev producer
Nancy Yalley co-producer
Zeus Zamani executive producer / producer