In our modern day we find ourselves more interconnected than ever. Individuals from opposite sides of the world can share opinions and cultivate friendship. However, there are those who wish to spread hate and insensitivity.

A boy and a girl trapped within their own bubble of ideas use this interconnection to harm instead of help. Their relationship will build to reveal the true issue and force plaguing them and everyone else in our modern day.

Comment by the Author:

As the author of Parallel Path I find myself fascinated with this small story. We live in a more interconnected time than ever before and because of this we can address our problems in a whole new way. At the same time the ability to instantly share your opinion can lead to the spread of negative ethics and ideas. I wrote this story in order to show both sides of this regarding a particular issue. I find that each one of us has a responsibility to try to participate in finding the solutions to our worldwide problems. This story is my way of contributing.

Bobby Emprechtinger

Comment by Illuminar Motion Pictures:

We’re eager and excited to take the role of the production company on Parallel Path. We find ourselves attracted to this small story that can address a large issue. The ability to address problems that are facing the younger generation and give insight into how we can better our society is truly spectacular. We hope that through this story and our role as the production company we can help incite change within people and do our part in addressing this global epidemic.

Drama | 2019 (USA)

Country: USA Deutschland
Language: English/Deutsch
Release Date: 2019

Autor: Bobby Emprechtinger
Regisseur: Bobby Emprechtinger, Phil Ramcke
Cast: Simon Werner, Shane Gerber, Danny Mendes, Marlon Emprechtinger

Trailer and Interview

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