This documentary takes a look behind the scenes of Planet Arts around the world, their artists and the story they want to tell.

Comment by Illuminar Motion Pictures

The purpose behind our project: ’Street Arts, messages from around the world’ is to bring the equivalent far from museums, galleries etc. closer to the everyday human being. We want to display that arts has not to be expensive. That everyone can enjoy it, embrace it & get inspired by it. Our audience should create their own picture of the spirit of arts. By using the universal language of arts and creation we’re eager to improve the general understanding of different cultures.

We want to bring the mostly unrecognized beauty of the everyday street arts closer to the people. We want to support creativity and culture in our society. There are lots of unknown but talented artists around the globe and we’d like to not only present, but represent some of them. Many artists aim to spread statements of all kinds through their work. We discover the bottom of those. Whether they are political, social or personal – they deserve to be heard.  Every country has different qualities and we feature them. We want to show our beautiful planet and its culture. And what could be more precise than the artists that try to express the soul and the heart of their home in frank way.

Director, Producer  Bobby Emprechtinger 
Host Bobby Emprechtinger
Director of Photography Jefferson Miller
Assistant Producer Danny Mendes
1st AC Robert Zerbst
Graphics Design Tao Gutekunst

Documentary | 2020/2021

Language: English
Release Date: 2020