Spin is a film about a machismo man, Nick, who immigrated to the United States as a child and has since worked to achieve American Dream and have the perfect family life.

Nick Goran is a professional airline pilot who is a hair away from accomplishing his lifelong goal of becoming Chief Pilot- the best job there is in that field. After a troubled childhood and a lifetime of work he’s built the American Dream he’s always wanted- or so he thinks.

His life goes spinning out of control and crashing down around him the day he goes to pick up his college aged son Anthony from the airport, only to find him dressed as a woman. This forces Nick to come face to face with his beliefs and to come to terms with having a homosexual son who likes to dress in drag.

The conflict of this story comes from the clash of world views between a father with his own ideas of what it is to be a man, and a son who is going through his own journey of self-discovery.

The trials and tribulations that the family goes through during the events of the story reflect those of real families who attempt to genuinely understand each other and the change they go through. It also focuses on how each one in the family and friends respond in their own way when being faced with prejudice, judgmental behavior, and often times violent acts of hatred from the small minded community they live in.

The drama is brought to the public eye around the family when a jealous acquaintance decides to post a harmful x-rated video on Facebook and the family’s real test of character values and family love begins. It’s a question of whether Nick will choose to berate his own flesh and blood, or be able to overcome his own fears and judgmental thoughts and choose to stand with his son and family

Ultimately, Spin is a story that brings up human emotions and reactions as each of the characters look for their own empathy, respect, acceptance and love from those around them, and reactions to that drive for meaning. Often times these attempts are met with a lack of any of these things and bring with it dire consequences.

Comment by the Author:

In my many years of living I have traveled throughout the world and visited many countries. What I noticed is that things that are considered  normal in western society are strange in other parts of the world. 

I interviewed people that are close to me from around the world and asked them about their opinion on having a transgender child. I asked my mother on what she would do if one of her grandchildren was transgender. She told me that she would try to be accepting of it, although she doesn’t feel that it is right. I also interviewed my father who lives in Austria on his thoughts of having a transgender grandchild. I thought his opinion would be interesting because in Europe people aren’t very accepting of the LGBT community. My father told me he wouldn’t accept his grandchild if they were transgender, and would try to change them. I then later asked my best friend who is a devout Christian about his thoughts on having a transgender child. He told me that Christians have no strong belief about transgender people, and he wouldn’t be angry if his child was transgender but he would be confused as to what caused his child’s change. 

On my journey I came to the conclusion that a large factor of someone’s view on the LGBT and transgenders depends on where they are from, their faith, or how they were raised. When we think about transgenders we don’t think about how it affects us. What I learned from this experience gave me the inspiration to write Spin and tell a story about this deeply conflicted subject.

Bobby Emprechtinger

Comment by Illuminar Motion Pictures:

At Illuminar Motion Pictures, we want to create Spin to help bring unity in a time of great turmoil. We know that the world we live in has problems, but we believe that through the power of film we can help solve those problems. Our mission with Spin is meant to give insight to those who reject the changes that are happening in our world. We want to help open the minds of the people who may not believe or accept those who are transgender or part of the LGBT community. It’s important for us to be open to change and willing to learn. We think it is important to understand that rejection of these changes can cause harm to both an individual and their family. The United States is relatively progressive, but some areas of the world are hesitant to change and accept the LGBT and transgenders. We hope that by making Spin we can make people more accepting and help those who are currently going through a comparable situation. At IMP we have brought together a team of international talent to help us fulfill our dream.

| Drama | 2020/21 (USA)

Country: USA
Autor: Bobby Emprechtinger, Sharam Zargari
Language: English